Taking part in a regular meditation practice is a great way to add mindfulness to your life.

Why not join one of my classes? I host cacao ceremonies, meditation classes and sharing circles every two weeks near the centre of Delft.

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Cacao Ceremonies:

In these cosy, intimate events, you’ll be invited to connect with your inner wisdom and your heart using the power of guided meditation and ceremonial cacao.


Chakra Meditations:

Between June and September, I am offering a series of seven meditation classes, each focused around an energy centre. These meditations are designed to help you explore different aspects of your life, using chakras as a guide. In each class, you’ll be invited to get curious, tune into yourself, and uncover how to bring each part of you back into balance.

No previous meditation experience is required, and you can choose to follow all the classes or just the ones that feel relevant to you. Either way, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere and a safe space to connect with others and explore your inner world.


What you can expect:

  • A ceremonial, organic cacao drink or chocolate
  • Guided breath-work to centre and ground yourself
  • Guided visualisation meditation to connect with your inner wisdom
  • Feel gently energised and open to your own intuition
  • Delicious organic hand-made chocolates to take home



The events takes place at Zaal 49, a beautiful yoga studio two minutes from the centre of Delft, or 5 minutes from Delft train station.

Singelstraat 49
2613 EM Delft



10am till 11:30am on the following dates:

  • Sunday 7th May 2023 (cacao ceremony)
  • Sunday 4th June 2023 (root chakra)
  • Sunday 18th June 2023 (sacral chakra)
  • Sunday 9th July 2023 (solar plexus chakra)
  • Sunday 23rd July 2023 (heart chakra)
  • Sunday 6th August 2023 (throat chakra)
  • Sunday 20th August 2023 (third eye chakra)
  • Sunday 3rd September 2023 (crown chakra)

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Sunday 18th June (Sacral Chakra), Sunday 20th August (Third Eye Chakra), Sunday 23rd July (Heart Chakra), Sunday 3rd September (Crown Chakra), Sunday 4th June (Root Chakra), Sunday 6th August (Throat Chakra), Sunday 7th May (Cacao Ceremony), Sunday 9th July (Solar Plexus Chakra)


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Meditations and Cacao Ceremonies