Chocolate was my happy place. And then I went vegan. This was a long time ago, before it was cool. Suddenly I was a chronic chocoholic with no chocolate fix. The only things available to me were dark chocolate or carob (bleak times, yes). So I started making my own. Ah, that first batch of vegan chocolates. Messy, misshapen, but oh so delicious. Balance was restored. I could once again eat my weight in chocolate. Phew.

Fast-forward a decade, and I created Dopamine Chef, a small business on a mission to put a smile on people’s faces with epic vegan chocolates and snacks made with organic, healthy ingredients. Life is short. Diets suck. Let’s eat foods that love us back!

Melanie (that’s me)
aka Villy Vonka

Unapologetic chocoholic.

Closet umpa lumpa.

My chocolates bring all the peeps to the yard. Which is a good thing, otherwise I might eat them all myself 🙂

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